The 1st International Thrace Congress of Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

 The 1st International Thrace Congress of Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy (ITIM1) will be held on 10-12 April, 2020, in Tekirdağ, Turkey, and is expected to become a viable scientific platform for presenting and discussing the latest advances in cancer immunology and Immunotherapy. 



 The 1st International Thrace Congress of Cancer  Immunology and Immunotherapy  is organized by the Tekirdağ Leukemia and Cancer Society in cooperation with the relevant centers in Thrace and Europe.  



 The Congress aims to bring together scientists whose concern constitutes cancer immunology and immunotherapy in order to share knowledge and information, and review recent practices in the field. 

ITIM1 2020 Comfirmed Speakers

Dr.David Morgan



Associate Professor of Tumour Immunology

School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

University of Bristol .

 Research Overview: I have a broad interest in cellular immunology; with nearly 30 years of laboratory expertise in many aspects of T cell immune biology. The majority of my recent research has utilized various different in vitro and in vivomodels to determine how to control CD8+ T cell responses to normal and cancer cells



I graduated from University of Bristol UK in 1988 with an honors degree in Microbiology. During my final year as an undergraduate my interest in the immune system first developed and my laboratory research project was investigating antigen presentation by epidermal Langerhans’ cells during Herpes Simplex Virus infection. I then moved to the laboratory of Prof. Nigel Dimmock at Warwick University UK, to undertake a PhD investigating novel immune-based therapies to modulate immunopathology in the lungs during Influenza Virus infection. After completing my PhD, in 1992 I moved to The Scripps Research Institute in California, USA, to undertake post-doctoral training in the laboratory of Prof. Linda Sherman. During this time, my research was focused upon developing unique mouse models to understand mechanisms of immune self-tolerance and autoimmunity to antigens expressed on normal and cancer cells. After nearly a decade at Scripps Research, and two fellowships from the Juvenile Diabetes research Foundation, I returned full circle to Bristol University to take up a Lectureship in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Since then, my laboratory has continued to focus on developing specific ways to target and control CD8+ T cell responses towards normal and cancer cells. I am currently Associate Professor of Cancer Immunology and my laboratory continues to utilize unique mouse models of renal, breast and colorectal carcinoma; to investigate novel ways to alleviate immune suppression within the tumour micro-environment. More recently, we have extended our mouse studies and are now also focusing on anti-tumour immune responses amongst patients undergoing immune check-point blockade for the treatment of melanoma. 

Dr. Ann C Williams


Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 

University of Bristol, UK


After a first postdoctoral position at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, I carried out much of my postdoctoral training in Bristol and was awarded a Bristol University Research Fellowship which led to a Lectureship in 1999. I took up my current position as Professor of Experimental Oncology at Bristol University in 2013, where I run the Colorectal Tumour Biology Group and collaborate with clinical colleagues to deliver an integrated programme of research.  


Dr Alexander Greenhough



Dr Alexander Greenhough BSc (Warwick), PhD (Bristol)

Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor 

Centre for Research in Biosciences, UWEBristol. 



Following an undergraduate degree at the University of Warwick, I did my Ph.D. with Professor Chris Paraskeva in the Cancer Research UK Colorectal Tumour Biology laboratory at the University of Bristol. I went on to hold senior Cancer Research UK- and BBSRC-funded postdoctoral positions at the University of Bristol, where I hold an honorary senior lectureship and maintain important collaborations. I've recently joined the Centre for Research in Bioscience at UWE Bristol as a new principal investigator, focused on understanding the role of hypoxia signalling in the tumour microenvironment. Since hypoxia is a key physiological hallmark distinguishing cancers from healthy tissues, understanding how cancer cell adapt to low oxygen will enable the discovery of drugs that selectively kill cancer cells, whilst sparing normal tissues.

With recently awarded funding from the Wellcome Trust and Bowel Cancer UK, my lab is using 3D models of cancer and omics technologies coupled with bioinformatics to understand how hypoxia drives cancer development.

Dr.Jan Kisielow


Jan Kisielow is a senior scientist at the ETH Zürich and the CSO and co-founder of Tepthera Ltd. 


He studied at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland and at the University Basel in Switzerland, where he received his PhD while working at the Basel Institute for Immunology.  After a postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Klaus Karjalainen at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Bellinzona, he joined Manfred Kopf at the ETH to study molecular mechanisms regulating lymphocyte development and function. His scientific interests lie in understanding conventional αβT cell, as well as unconventional γδ or CD4-CD8- T cells, with a recent focus on the antigenic specificity of CD4+ T cells. Tepthera’s newly developed MCR platform, which was awarded the ETH Spark Award for the most promising invention of 2015, allows a detailed description of the antigenic reactivity and cross-reactivity of T cells.

Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis


Department of Hematology
Democritus University


Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis is affiliated to Department of Hematology, Democritus University of Thrace. Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis is currently providing services as Professor. Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented works at many national and International conferences. Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis contributions have acclaimed recognition from honourable subject experts around the world. Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis is actively associated with different societies and academies. Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis academic career is decorated with several reputed awards and funding. Dr. Ioannis Kotsianidis research interests include Hematology.

Dr. med. Dirk Jäger


Dirk Jäger is the Managing and Medical Director of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg, Head of the Medical Oncology Department at the Heidelberg University Medical  

Dr. Emil Bulatov




   Prof. Emil Bulatov completed his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge (UK) in 2015 and his M.Phil. at the University of Newcastle (UK) in 2010. He was a visiting fellow at the University of Dundee (UK) in 2013. Prof. Bulatov has research interests in the fields of CAR-T cell immunotherapy, protein biochemistry, small molecule drug design. He is currently holding a position of Group Leader/Associate Professor at Kazan Federal University (Russia 

Dr. Gülçin Tezcan.



Assist. Prof. Gülçin Tezcan.

 graduated from Biology Department of Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey in 2005. I got my M.Sc. degree in Medical Biology

field from the Institution of HeaIt Science of Istanbul University in 2008 and got my Ph.D degree in Medical Biology field from the Institution of HeaIth Science of Uludag University in 2014. Since 2017, I have been working as a post doc resarcher in the Institution of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of Kazan Federal University in Russian Federation. I focused on investigation the role of inflammasome on tumorigenesis in my researches. 

Dr. Jülide Tozkır




Assoc. Prof. Jülide TOZKIR, PhD 

 Areas of Speciality
Immunology,Fields of Interest
Autoimmunity, immunogenetics relevalans

 Educational Status Undergraduate »Graduated in 1997 Istanbul University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology» Graduated in 2002 Graduate in Istanbul University Institute of Health Sciences Immunology PhD »Graduate in 2008 Istanbul University, Department of Health Sciences Immunology Post PhD» 2010 Graduates Thrace University, Assistant Professor Doctor »Academic and Administrative Duties of Trakya University Health Services Vocational School in 2010. 



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